MAB Turtle Minting is about to come!

Next Sunday, 10th October at 5PM UTC the mint of MAB Turtles goes live! Here’s everything you need to know to mint them (also for free), with some sneak peek!

You can mint our MAB Turtles in two ways:

  • paying 0.04ETH per Turtle
  • FREE, using 1 or 2 BigBang Cards from your account

Cards can be purchased on OpenSea, or directly minted inside our MAB Turtle minting page (0.05 ETH per minted card).

The advantage of using a BigBang Card, is that it guarantees you will have an exclusive trait, possible to have only if you use BigBang Cards.

Within 12 hours after the mint completes (100% minted) or 2 days after mint starts.

MAB Turtle holders will enjoy a series of advantages

  • Rich giveaways right after the mint ends
  • Partner programs with promising projects
  • Discounts on our upcoming platform! As you can see from our project, we’re building the next NFT platform, where users can hire artists to generate new NFTs starting from NFTs they own. A unique process, that will make this platform the first one of its kind

If you own a token from one of our partner projects, you’ll e able to mint one turtle for free, even if you don’t have a BigBang Card (only pay GAS cost). Partners will be announced soon on our blogs!

Join our Discord to find out more:

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