BigBang Reveal & Early Art dApp upgrade

With BigBang Cards collection launch, we have put the very first brick in our project, but now it’s time to rapidly grow, bringing to life the full power f the platform.

20th September (today) is the BigBang Cards reveal day, but we’d like to go further. When, in a few hours, cards will be revealed, you’ll also be able to access the latest version of our dApp (on

This upgrade will bring some of new features:

  • the ability to see your BigBang cards right in the platform
  • you can still mint new BigBang cards (until they’re available), with a better user experience
  • see how the Early Art NFTs mint looks like

Early Art NFTs will feature our mascot, a cool, nice turtle that you will be able to preview in the next days, and mint for FREE. How? Keep reading!’s Turtle

Like all serious NFTs projects , we have our mascot, a Turtle, called the MAB Turtle. Why a turtle? We believe they’re animals too often underrated, with a great intelligence and a high risk of extinction.

You will be able to mint up to 8,888 Turtles and none of them comes with a pre-computed rarity. We’ve already prepared a set of accessories and characteristics to cover the following parts:

  • eyes
  • mouth
  • hat
  • cloth
  • hand accessory
  • environment (background)

The total number of possible combinations is … 130 millions! But only 8,888 will be generated. So how to choose which one will be minted? Here comes the gamification part that we love.

To mint MAB Turtles you will have two ways:

  • mint for 0.04 ETH / each
  • use up to 2 BigBang Cards for Turtle and mint for FREE while increasing rarity! Turtles minted with cards will have unique and special traits.

But yes, you can mint it for free! The BigBang Cards used to mint will be cryptographically pegged to the MAB Turtle minted, and the characteristics of the new MAB Turtle will derive directly from the cards you use. The rarest the BigBang Card, the more chance to have a really unique Turtle.

A series of elements have been created only to be used with BigBang Cards. If you mint without BigBang Cards, you still have the chance to have a rare Turtle but the possibilities are a little lower (not too much!).

Example of MAB Turtle Minting

Let’s say you have 6 BigBang Cards, and you decide to use them all for minting. You will have the following options:

  • The least number of Turtle you can mint is 3 (2 cards for each Turtle)
  • You can mint up to 6 Turtles for free (one card per turtle)
  • If you decide to mint 5 Turtle: 1 Turtle will have 2 Cards pegged, and the other 4 will have 1 Card each
  • If you mint 7 Turtles, you’ll need to pay 0.04 ETH: 6 Turtles for free and 1 for 0.04 ETH

The generation algorithm will try to combine your Cards to maximize the rarity, making sure your MAB Turtle will be unique among all the others.

Discord community, mascot preview and much more to come!

In the next few days you will see more initiatives, that will bring us to the Early Art minting day (soon to be announced!)

  • Launch of a massive Invitation Giveaway Contest on Discord
  • Reveal the MAB Turtle
  • Update of our website
  • Announce of MAB Turtle minting day

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and join discussion on Discord , and don’t miss this opportunity!

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