BigBang NFT Collection Mint

Time has come and we’re pleased to announce you that BigBang Collection minting is about to come! 15th September @ 7:00 PM UTC you will be able to mint our NFTs directly from our dApp on

After months of hard work we’re pleased to see this first, important step in the development of our platform.

A collection to bootstrap our dApp

As we explained in previous articles, the goal of this platform is to create a connection between artists and collectors.

Everything revolves around the concept of Makeable, a process that we will bootstrap in the next weeks, starting with this Collection.

The bootstrap of the platform incorporates 3 collections (BigBang, Early Art and Civilization). The latter two can only be minted if you own NFTs from the BigBang collection.

Reasons you should not miss this collection

BigBang is THE collection you don’t want to miss, as it has (and will have) multiple utilities:

  • Anyone that holds a BigBang NFT will gain a discount and free access to our upcoming dApp
  • BigBang NFTs will be required to mint our “Early Art” collection. That collection will feature our mascot with items and accessories, where the rarity is decided during the minting process. The more BigBang NFTs you use, the more rarity you can create.
  • To celebrate our first collection, we will distribute amazing prizes: from Amazon gift cards, to iPhone 13s, up to 4 ETH airdropped to lucky users. See the full list on our homepage
  • Revolutionary: we’re the first platform building something unique in the space both for artists and collectors. Our platform will have multiple use cases, covering different needs
  • Finally, gamification! There’s no fun if there’s no game in it! BigBang NFTs will let you win instant prizes, let you mint upcoming Early Art collections and much more!

How to mint?

The process of minting is easy and straightforward, thanks to our dApp:

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your wallet (Metamask and TrustWallet supported)
  3. Select the number of NFTs to mint (0.05ETH each — max 20 NFTs minted per transaction)
  4. Click “mint” and sign the transaction
  5. Once the transaction is approved, you will see the NFTs directly in your wallet

When will the NFTs be revealed?

Reveal occurs 5 days after the minting starts, or when 100% of NFTs are minted.

Contract details and useful links

Contract address: 0x4b24e905e29622fb02dc1bf67ae59c7df2f23872
OpenSea collection: Bigbang Collection by
Twitter: @MakeableArt

Gamify NFT creation, connecting collectors with artists