Announcing BigBang, our first Collection

When, a few months ago, we decided to launch a new NFT project, we wanted to design something unique, with a true benefit for the NFT community, both for the collectors and the artists.

What a collector is usually looking for, is something rare, unique, that only he posses and, at the same time, that the community sees as something valuable. Of course this won’t be possible without artists, that are the true creators behind those designs. Artists are an heritage we need to take care of.

Gamify NFT creation

The first aspect we were looking for is a way to make the creation of NFTs different using our project. We decided to create a real story behind the process of creation and … what a better story then the story of our universe?

In our life, to create something, we need raw materials. If you want to create a hammer, you need wood and iron. If you want to paint birds, you need to see them. And if you want a crown, you need gold and diamonds.

This is perfectly transferable in the NFT world by creating a series of elements that can be later used to generate new artworks. Of course, when you create a new artwork, previous NFTs needs to be collected, thus creating scarcity and rarity.

Introducing BigBang Collection

Like the Big Bang created the Universe, our BigBang Collection contains a series of unique elements that can be mint only once and that you will need to mint NFTs in future collections.

Each BigBang element is made of three unique parts:

  • an unique identifier (number) on the top-right
  • an image, that represents the elements
  • a famous quote, inspired by the element itself

The combination of image and quote are unique, thus there are no two equal image + quote elements among all our creations.

BigBang Collection contains 10,000 NFTs, divided in different categories:

  • Essential -7,500 NFTs representing the core elements of nature and life, essential for upcoming collections
  • Crucial — 1,500 NFTs representing advanced natural elements, more rare and collectible
  • Rare — 750 NFTs necessary for special future NFT creations or characters customizations
  • Unique — 240 NFTs that represent precious natural elements, so rare that you may win instant prizes
  • Special — 10 NFTs to celebrate the BigBang collection. Their identity is mysterious but their uniqueness is undoubted. These NFTs represent very special items, familiar to crypto users, while let you enter the BigBang contest.

To thank all early supporters, and to help you reducing gas costs, we enabled the pre mint of NFTs. You can pre mint using our dApp.

Regular mint, instead, will go live on the dApp 15th Sept. @ 7:00 PM UTC

We’re excited to celebrate the launch of our very first collection! We have so designed a unique contest and giveaways, with a series of prizes to the following users:

  • Who holds the Special Item #1: 4 ETH
  • Who holds the Special Item #2: 3 ETH
  • Who holds the Special Item #3: 2.5 ETH
  • One lucky user that owns more than 10 NFTs : 1 ETH
  • 1 random lucky holder: 2000 USDC

To take part in the contest just mint our NFTs. Or take part in one of our giveaways that will be held before the official mint start.

How about artists and minting?

As we said before, we created this project to reduce the barriers between collectors and artists. With the first collection released, we’ve created the bases needed for future collections, and for unique NFT minting.

Starting from Early Art Collection(our second collection, with release planned for October 2021), you will need to use BigBang NFTs to customize our main character.

Finally, with Civilization Collection (our third collection, planned for November 2021) you will be able to touch the heart of our project by generating new NFTs from existing ones.

How this process works? We will release more details in the upcoming weeks. Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord!

Gamify NFT creation, connecting collectors with artists