3 collections to bootstrap Makeable.art

While planning and building a platform for artists and collectors, with a long-term vision, we designed a 3-steps bootstrap process, each one identified in a single NFT collection.

The goal of Makeable.art is to gamify NFT creation, connecting collectors and artists. There is more than one reason that pushed us, months ago, to start this adventure:

  1. Creators (aka artists) and buyers (aka collectors) are never in contact. A collector cannot express his preference to and artist, and an artist draws following his creativity and instinct
  2. The process of NFT minting is 90% of the time the same: buy, wait for the reveal, decide if you want to keep it, or resell the artwork

The answer to these points is Makeable.art, a dApp in the form of a platform where collectors can meet verified artists, asking them to create new NFTs, starting from one (or more) burned NFTs.

NFTs in exchange of a new NFT

The idea behind Makeable.art is that art comes with a cost. A collector needs to give one (or more) NFTs to ask to an artist to create a new one. The given NFTs are not lost, but attached to the new generated NFT that will be, in some ways, related to them.

Let’s make an example: a collector has a Pudgy Penguin and would like put in a frame. Collector needs to send that penguin NFT, and the artist will create a new NFT, representing the penguin inside the frame, using its own, unique creativity. The Penguin NFT is not lost, but it’s directly attached to the newly generated NFT, forever written on the chain.

This has multiple effects:

  • creates more scarcity in the attached NFTs
  • brings uniqueness in the output created
  • makes collector happy
  • preserve artists’ creativity in the process of generation

How to get there?

To start such a complex platform, we designed a 3-step process, each one introducing an key element of makeable.art, gamifying the whole process:

  • BigBang Collection (our 1st collection, announced a few days ago) will allow users to mint a series of natural-inspired elements (10,000 in total). Each of these elements have a specific scarcity, will be necessary to mint upcoming collections, and, to celebrate our start, they are connected to rich lottery prizes
  • Early Art Collection (planned for October 2021) will introduce the NFT switch process: in fact, to mint these tokens, you will need one (or more) BigBang NFTs. This will be a collection of our main character, combined with different accessories and clothes. The combination of the elements will depend based on BigBang NFTs attached.
  • Civilization Collection (planned for November 2021) will complete the bootstrap of Makeable.art process. Users will be able to give NFTs in exchange of new, custom created artworks, produced by artists following collectors’ desires. Only for this collection, at least one connected NFT needs to come from BigBang or Early Art Collections.
A sample series of this collection NFTs

What’s next?

We are open to new ideas and opportunities, certain that a melting pot of artistic talents and innovative collectors is the core to generate a valuable project. We care about supporting artists, that are the true power. We are artists that embraced this adventure with hope and positivity.

The best thing you can do now is supporting the bootstrap of this project, starting from BigBang Collection: you can pre-mint them or mint them, starting the15th of September @ 7:00 PM UTC.

Gamify NFT creation, connecting collectors with artists